Tigranes the Younger Prince of Kingdom of Armenia from ? to ?.
Tigranes the Younger was a son of Tigranes II "the Great" who struck an alliance with the Romans to usurp his father.

However, after Pompey the Great defeated his father the two struck a struck a deal and Tigranes the Younger was returned to Rome a prisoner.
Tigranes the Younger
An AE Dichalkon struck 69-68 BC in Artaxata
Obverse: draped bust right wearing ive-pointed Armenian tiara decorated with a star between two eagles and tied with a diadem

Reverse: palm branch; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / TIΓPANOY // H__monogram

Diameter: 15.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 4.2 g
No notes for this coin
Kovacs 151, 3rd known?