Sextus Pompey - General of Res publica Romana from 49 BC to 35 BC
Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius was a Roman general from the late Republic. He was the last focus of opposition to the Second Triumvirate. His father was Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, and his brother was Gnaeus Pompeius Junior.

After his father was killed in the Civil War against Julius Caesar, Sextus fled to Spain, where he continued the war against Caesar. After Caesars assassination in 44, he came to terms with Marcus Antonius and was given a naval command, but in August 43 he was outlawed. For the next several years he ravaged the coast of Italy with his fleet.

He was defeated by Octavian’s friend Agrippa at Naulochus, and fled to Asia Minor but was captured and executed.
Sextus Pompey
General Sextus Pompey "the Pious" of the Roman Republic

Epithet: Pius ("the Pious")

(1) Sextus Pompey 38-37 BC
AR Denarius Sicily
Obverse: MAG. PIVS. IMP ITER, Pharos of Messana, surmounted by statue of Neptune standing facing right, holding trident in right hand and rudder in left, left foot on prow; in foreground, galley left; aquila on prow; scepter, trident, and grappling-iron in stern
Reverse: PRAEF. CLAS ET. ORAE. MARIT. EX. S.C, The monster Scylla facing left, her torso of dogs and fishes, wielding a rudder as a club with both hands
Ref: RSC I Sextus Pompey 2
(2) Sextus Pompey 37-36 BC
AR Denarius Sicily
Obverse: bare head of Pompey the Great right; capis (jug) to left, lituus to right, MAG·PIVS·IMP·ITER
Reverse: Neptune standing left, foot on prow, holding aplustre and chlamys; the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus running in opposite directions on either side, holding their parents on their shoulders, PRAEF / CLAS·ET·OR(AE) / (MAR)IT·EX·S·C
Ref: Crawford 511/3a, SRCV I 1392, RSC I...