Ptolemy XI King of the Ptolemaic Kingdom from 80 BC to 80 BC.
Ptolemy XI was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty who ruled Egypt for a few days in 80 BC.

His uncle Ptolemy IX Lathryos died in 81 BC or 80 BC, leaving only his sole legitimate daughter as his heir, and so Cleopatra Berenice (= Berenice III) ruled alone for a time. However, Rome's Sulla wanted a pro-Roman ruler on the throne, and sent the young son of Ptolemy X to Egypt, displaying Ptolemy Alexander's will in Rome as supposed justification for this obvious interference.

The will also apparently required Ptolemy XI to marry Cleopatra Berenice, who was his stepmother and half-sister. However, nineteen days after the marriage, Ptolemy murdered her for unknown reasons, an unwise move since Berenice was very popular; Ptolemy was soon lynched by the citizens of Alexandria.
Ptolemy XI
Epithet: Aléxandros (Alexander)
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