Ptolemy IX King of the Ptolemaic Kingdom from 116/88 BC to 107/81 BC.
Ptolemy IX was king of Egypt three times, from 116 BC to 110 BC, 109 BC to 107 BC and 88 BC to 81 BC, with intervening periods ruled by his brother, Ptolemy X Alexander I.

Ptolemy IX was chosen by his mother Cleopatra III to be her co-regent. He married his sister Cleopatra IV, but his mother pushed her out and replaced her with his younger sister Cleopatra Selene. Later, she claimed that he tried to kill her, and successfully deposed him, putting her favorite son Alexander on the throne as co-regent instead.

However, she later grew tired of the now Ptolemy X and deposed him, putting Ptolemy IX back on the throne. She was soon murdered by Ptolemy X, who took the throne again. He was then killed in battle, and Ptolemy IX reigned once again until his death.
Ptolemy IX
Epithet: Larythos ("the Bean")
An AE 80? Drachm struck 113-80 BC in Alexandria
Obverse: Head of Zeus right with Amon's horns

Reverse: Two eagles standing on lightning, cornucopiae before them ΠΤΟΛEMAIOY ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 8.37 g
No notes for this coin
Svoronos 1426/1427; SNG Cop 315; Sear 7901