Phokian Confederation - Authority in from ? to 346 BC
The Phokian Confederation was a military alliance between ~22 small city states in the mountainous region of Phocis.

Due to the strategic location of Phokis - it controls the passage from Boeotia to Lokris and Thermopylai - the confederation was repeatedly under pressure from Boeotia, Thessaly and the Delphic Amphiktyony.

In 346 BC the Confederation was defeated in the so-called Third Sacred War. This defeat led to the destruction of the settlement - and opened up a route for the Macedonians to control Greece which was used by Philip II of Macedon 8 years decade later.
Phokian Confederation
Phokian Confederation of

(1) Phokian Confederation c. 440-420 BC
Obverse: facing bull head
Reverse: head of Artemis right; Φ O K I
Ref: SNG Cop 99 ff.
(2) Phokian Confederation 351-347 BC
Obverse: three filleted boukrania; ΦΩ_ΚΕ_ΩΝ
Reverse: laureate wreath; T
Ref: Slg. BCD Lokris - Phokis 328; SNG C...