Philip II Junior - Augustus of Imperium Romanum from 247 to 249
Marcus Julius Philippus Severus, also known as Philippus II, Philip II and Philip the Younger, was the son and heir of the Roman Emperor Philip the Arab by his wife Roman Empress Marcia Otacilia Severa.

When his father became emperor in 244, the younger Philip was appointed Caesar. In 247 he became consul, and was later elevated by his father to the rank of Augustus and co-ruler.

His father was killed in battle by his successor Decius in 249. When news of this death reached Rome, Philip was murdered by the Praetorian Guard. He died in his mother's arms, aged twelve years.
Philip II Junior
Emperor Philip II Junior of the Roman Empire

(1) Philip II Junior 249 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; AYTOK K M IOYΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CEB
Reverse: eagle right, wreath in beak; ΔHMAPX EΞOYCIAC YΠATO Δ ANTIOXIA / S C
Ref: McAlee 1042; Prieur 474
(2) Philip II Junior 245-247 AD
AE unit Bizya
Obverse: bare head right; M IOVΛ ΦIΛIΠΠOC KAIC
Reverse: Silenos walking right naked with tail, pours wine from wineskin on his shoulders into large krater; BIZV_H (NWN)
Ref: Youroukova 157; Voegtli -; Mionnet ...
(3) Philip II Junior 247-249 AD
Obverse: radiate and draped bust right from behind; MAP IOYΛIOC ΦIΛIΠΠOC KE
Reverse: tetrastyle temple seen in prospective (3/4 left); ΘECCAΛONIKEΩN ΠYΘIA
Ref: obv, Varbanov.4740; rev. Varbanov 4...
(4) Philip II Junior 245-246 AD
Reverse: PRINCIPI IVVENT - Philip, in military attire, standing left holding globe and resting on spear
Ref: Sear:9240 RIC:218d
(5) Philip II Junior 245 AD
Obverse: M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right
Reverse: PRINCIPI IVVENT, Philip II, in military dress, standing right with globe & transverse spear
Ref: RIC 216c, RSC 54
(6) Philip II Junior 249 AD
AE unit Nisibis
Obverse: radiate and cuirassed bust left; AYTOK K M IOYΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CEB
Reverse: facing seated statue of Tyche, ram to the right with head left above and river-god swimming to the right below, all inside tetrastyle temple temple with arched central bay; IOV CEΠ KOΛΩ NECIBI MHT
Ref: BMC 22 corr. (Philip I); SNG Copenh...
(7) Philip II Junior 244-249 AD
AE unit Sillyum
Obverse: AV K M IO CEOV ΦIΛIΠΠOC CE, Bust of Philip facing right, wearing laurel wreath, cuirass, and drapery
Reverse: CIΛΛVEΩN, Tyche standing face left, holding rudder and cornucopia
Ref: SNG France 1001
(8) Philip II Junior 244-247 AD
AE unit Deultum
Obverse: Laureate head right; M IVL PH_ILIPPVS CAE
Reverse: Lion right; C F / P D
Ref: Draganov 1931 (O175/R663); Yourouko...
(9) Philip II Junior 244-245 AD
Obverse: radiate, draped bust right from behind; M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES
Reverse: Jupiter standing, holding scepter and thunderbolt; IOVI CONSERVAT
Ref: SRCV III 9238, RIC IV 213, RSC IV 1...
(10) Philip II Junior 244-247 AD
AE unit Bizya
Obverse: M IOVΛ ΦIΛIΠΠOC KAICAP, bare-headed bust of Philip II.
Reverse: BIZVHNΩN, Thanatos (god of death) or weary Eros extinguishing torch.
Ref: BMC 15, Moushmov 3519.