Magnia Urbica - Augusta of Imperium Romanum from ? to ?
Magnia Urbica was wife of the emperor Carus, until recently mistakenly thought to be the wife of her own son Carinus.

While both Carinus and Numerian were killed in 284 CE it is unclear what her own fate may have been or even if she predeceased them.

She was granted the honorifics Augusta, and Mater castrorum, senatus ac patriae, "Mother of the (Military) camp, Senate and Fatherland".
Magnia Urbica
Empress Magnia Urbica of the Roman Empire

(1) Magnia Urbica AD 284
Obverse: MAGN VRBICA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane, set on crescent
Reverse: IVNO REGINA, Juno standing left, holding patera and sceptre; KAϛ in exergue
Ref: RIC 341; Sear 12418