M. Sergius Silus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 116 BC to 115 BC
M. Sergius Silus was one of the moneyers for the year 116 BC. He was a Quaestor, as indicated by the Q on his coins.

His grandfather was Marcus Sergius, a Roman general during the Second Punic War (218 to 201 BC). He is famed in prosthetics circles as the first documented user of a prosthetic hand. The metal hand was constructed to allow him to hold his shield in battle.
M. Sergius Silus
Moneyer M. Sergius Silus of the Roman Republic

(1) M. Sergius Silus 116 BC
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma facing right; EX SC before; ROMA * behind.
Reverse: Horseman galloping to the left; holding sword and severed head in hand; Q and M SERGI below; SILUS in exergue.
Ref: Crawford 286/1, Sydenham 534, Sergi...
(2) M. Sergius Silus 115 (116-115)BC
Obverse: bust of Roma right wearing winged helmet; ROMA (XVI) _ EX·S·C
Reverse: moneyer's grandfather as horseman left wearing helmeted, holding sword and severed Gallic head; Q / M·SERGI / SILVS
Ref: Crawford 286/1, RSC I Sergia 1, Syd...