M. Eppius Provincial Financial Official of the Roman Republic from 47 BC to 46 BC.
Marcus Eppius was Legatus Fisci Castrensis in 47-46 BC, and struck coins jointly with Metellus Scipio.

He was a Roman senator, who took an active part in favour of Pompeius on the breaking out of the Civil War in 49 BC. He was one of the legates of Quintus Metellus Scipio in the African war, and was pardoned by Caesar, with many others of his party, after the Battle of Thapsus. Afterwards he seems to have gone into Spain, and renewed the war under Sextus Pompeius, in 46 and 45.

Gens Eppia is chiefly known from the life of Marcus Eppius.
M. Eppius
An AR Denarius struck 47-46 BC in Utica
Obverse: head of Africa right, laureate and clad in elephant scalp, stalk of grain right, plough below; Q·METELL__SCIPIO·IMP

Reverse: naked Herakles facing, leaning on club set on rock draped with lion's skin; EPPIVS__LEG·F·C

Diameter: 17.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.8 g
No notes for this coin
Crawford 461/1, SRCV I 1380/1 (large Africa head), BMCRR Africa 10 (same), RSC I Caecilia 50, Sear CRI 44, Sydenham 1051