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Laodice IV was a Greek Princess, Head Priestess and Queen of the Seleucid Empire. She was married to three Seleucid kings - all her brothers.

In 196 BC, her eldest brother, crown prince Antiochus, was appointed by her father to succeed him. In that year Laodice was married to him. The marriage of Laodice IV and Antiochus was the first sibling marriage to occur in the Seleucid dynasty. In 193 BC her brother-husband died.

Antiochus III arranged for her to marry again, this time to her second eldest brother Seleucus IV. They had three children: two sons, Antiochus and Demetrius I Soter, and a daughter named Laodice V. In 187 BC, Antiochus III died and Seleucus IV succeeded their father. He became the Seleucid King while Laodice IV became the Seleucid Queen. They reigned as the Seleucid imperial couple from 187 BC until 175 BC, when Seleucus IV died.

After the death of Seleucus IV, Laodice married for the third time her youngest brother Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who succeeded his second eldest brother as King. They had two children, Antiochus V and Laodice VI.
Laodice IV
Laodice IV of

(1) Antiochus IV | Laodice IV 175-172 BC
AE unit Antioch
Obverse: veiled diademed bust of Laodice IV right
Reverse: head of elephant left; tripod right, BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ANTIOXOY ?
Ref: SC 1407; cf. SNG Spaer 969