L. Sempronius Pitio Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 148 BC to 148 BC.
L. Sempronius Pitio was one of the moneyers for the year 148 BC. He is not otherwise known.

Gens Sempronia was a Roman family of great antiquity, which included both patrician and plebeian branches.

The first of the Sempronii to obtain the consulship was Aulus Sempronius Atratinus, in 497 BC, the twelfth year of the Republic.

The patrician Sempronii frequently obtained the highest offices of the state in the early centuries of the Republic, but they were eclipsed by the plebeian families of the gens at the end of the fourth century BC.
L. Sempronius Pitio
An AR Denarius struck 149 (148)BC in Rome
Obverse: head of Roma right wearing winged helmet PITIO X

Reverse: Dioscuri right riding on horses, stars over pilei, each holding spear reins L·SE(MP) ROMA

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 4 g
No notes for this coin
Crawford 216/1, SRCV I 91, Sydenham 402, RSC I Sempronia 2
An AE Triens struck 149 (148)BC in Rome
Obverse: head of Minerva right wearing crested helmet; ●●●●

Reverse: prow of galley right; L·SE(MP) / ●●●● / ROMA

Diameter: 21 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 6.6 g
ex Andrew McCabe
Crawford 216/4
An AR Denarius struck 148 BC in Rome
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right; PITIO downwards behind, X below chin

Reverse: The Dioscuri, each holding spear, riding right; L•SEMP below, ROMA in linear frame in exergue

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: 12 H
Weight: 4.54 g

CNG Feature Auction 114; Lot 554. Ex. Spink Auction 19004 (27.03.2019); Lot 159 (hammer £850). Previously purchased from Baldwin’s on 29th August 1968 (£60).

Crawford 216/1; Sydenham 402; RSC Sempronia 2; Sear 91