L. Porcius Licinus - Curatores denariorum flandorum of Colonia Narbo Martius from 118 BC to 118 BC
L. Porcius Licinus was one of the Curatores denariorum flandorum in Narbo for the year 118 BC. He is not otherwise known, but is presumably the grandson or great grandson of the L Porcius Licinius who was Consul in 184 BC.

Gens Porcia was a plebeian family whose members first appear in history during the third century BC. The first of the gens to achieve the consulship was Marcus Porcius Cato in 195 BC, and from then until imperial times, the Porcii regularly occupied the highest offices of the Roman state.
L. Porcius Licinus
Colonial Moneyer L. Porcius Licinus of Narbo

(1) L. Porcius Licinus 120-119 (118)BC
AR Denarius Serratus Sardinia | Narbonensis
Obverse: head of Roma right wearing winged helmet; L·PORCI LICI (XVI)
Reverse: naked Gallic warrior riding in biga right, holding spear, reins, shield and carnyx; L·LIC·CN·DOM
Ref: Crawford 282/5, SRCV I 158, Sydenha...