L. Plautius Plancus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 47 BC to 47 BC
Lucius Plautius Plancus was one of the moneyers for the year 47 BC.

He was adopted into the Plautia gens, and was the brother of Lucius Munatius Plancus.

Plautius Plancus was proscribed and executed in 43 BC. His brother would go on to become one of the classic historical examples of men who have managed to survive very dangerous circumstances by constantly shifting their allegiances.
L. Plautius Plancus
Moneyer L. Plautius Plancus of the Roman Republic

Obverse: Facing mask of Medusa with disheveled hair, coiled serpents at either side of face; L PLAVTIVS below.
Reverse: Aurora, winged and draped, flying right, head facing slightly left, holding reins and palm branch, conducting the four rearing horses of the sun; PLANCVS below.
Ref: Crawford 453/1a
Obverse: facing head Medusa wearing hoop earrings; L·PLAVTIVS
Reverse: Aurora flying right with head slightly left conducting 4 horses; PLANCVS
Ref: Crawford 453/1c, SRCV I 429, Sydenh...
Obverse: Head of Medusa facing, with coiled snake on either side; [L•PLAVTI]VS below
Reverse: Aurora flying right, conducting the four horses of the sun and holding palm frond; PLANCVS below
Ref: Crawford 453/1a; CRI 29; RSC Plauti...