L. Papius Celsus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 45 BC to 45 BC
L. Papius Celsus was one of the moneyers for the year 45 BC. He is not otherwise known, but is possibly the son of the L. Papius who was moneyer in 79 BC.

Gens Papia was a plebeian family at Rome. Members of this gens are first mentioned at the time of the Samnite Wars, but do not appear at Rome until the final century of the Republic. Marcus Papius Mutilus was the only member of the family to attain the consulship, which he held in AD 9.

The cognomen Celsus would have been given to someone who was conspicuously tall.
L. Papius Celsus
Moneyer L. Papius Celsus of the Roman Republic

Obverse: head of Juno Sospita right wearing goat skin
Reverse: wolf right placing stick on fire, eagle left fanning flames with its wings, CELSVS·III·VIR / L.PAPIVS
Ref: Crawford 472/1, RSC I Papia 2