L. Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Philippus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 113 BC to 112 BC
Lucius Marcius Philippus was one of the moneyers for the year 113-112 BC, a Roman orator, and one of the most important politicians of the late Roman Republic.

As Consul in 91 BC, he strongly opposed Drusus' reforms - which was instrumental to the outbreak of the disastrous bellum Italicum, the Social War.

Personalitywise, he seems to have been more of an individualist and survivor than committed to any cause, and took advantage of the political amnesty offered by Sulla in 83 BCE to change sides, along with other Marians of later importance
L. Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Philippus
Moneyer L. Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Philippus of the Roman Republic

(1) L. Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Philippus 113 (113-112)BC
Obverse: helmet, diademed bust of Philip V king of Macedon right with goat's horns (ROMA) Φ
Reverse: equestrian statue right, holding laurel branch, flower below L·PHILIPPVS (XVI)
Ref: Crawford 293/1, SRCV I 170, Sydenha...