Julia Mamaea - Augusta of Imperium Romanum from 222 to 235
Julia Avita Mamaea was a Roman regent.

When Elagabalus and his mother Julia Soaemias proved incompetent rulers, imperial favor fell on Alexander, Julia's son. He became emperor in 222, following Elagabalus' murder by the Praetorian Guard.

Julia and her mother became regents in the name of Alexander, then 14 years old. He never managed to escape her maternal domination, but at first Julia ruled very effectively.

In 232, Alexander so alienated the legions by his lack of military prowess and his inflexibility towards pay that the troops proclaimed Maximinus Thrax as emperor in 235.

The troops sent to kill Alexander found him clinging to his mother in a tent. Mother and son were butchered together, ending the Severan dynasty.
Julia Mamaea
Empress Julia Mamaea of the Roman Empire

(1) Julia Mamaea 233-234 AD
Obverse: diademed and draped bust right; IOYΛ* MAMAIA CEB__MHTE CEB K CTP
Reverse: Elpis standing left, wearing chiton, holding flower and her dress; palm branch left; L IΓ
Ref: Geißen: --, Milne 3141 var., Dattar...
(2) Julia Mamaea 222 AD
Obverse: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, Diademed and draped bust right
Reverse: IVNO CONSERVATRIX, Juno standing left with patera and sceptre, peacock at feet left
Ref: RIC 343
(3) Julia Mamaea 222 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IVLIA MAMAEA AVG
Reverse: Juno standing left, holding patera and scepter, peacock at feet left; IVNO CONSERVATRIX
Ref: RIC IV 343, RSC III 35, BMCRE VI 43...
(4) Julia Mamaea 227 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IVLIA MA_MAEA AVG
Reverse: Vesta standing left holding patera and scepter; VES_TA
Ref: SRCV II 8218, RSC III 85, RIC IV 36...
(5) Julia Mamaea 230 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IVLIA MAMA_EA AVGVSTA
Reverse: Felicitas seated left holding caduceus and cornucopiae; FELICI_TAS PVBLICA / S C
Ref: RIC IV Sev. Alex. 679; Cohen 26, BM...