Julia Domna - Augusta of Imperium Romanum from 193 to 217
Iulia Domna was Empress consort of the Roman Empire, being wife to the Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus and mother of Emperors Geta and Caracalla.

Julia was famous for her prodigious learning as well as her extraordinary political influence, and is remembered for being a patron of the arts, music, and philosophy, using her title and influence to spread the previously persecuted Philosophy and helping it improve and flourish in Rome. She was respected and viewed positively for most of her tenure

When her remaining son Caracalla was assassinated and succeeded (briefly) by Macrinus, Julia chose to commit suicide after hearing about the rebellion. A decision perhaps hastened by the fact that she was suffering from breast cancer.
Julia Domna
Empress Julia Domna of the Roman Empire

(1) Caracalla | Julia Domna 198-217 AD
Obverse: ANTΩNINOC AVΓOVCTOC IOVΛIA ΔOMNA, laureate bust of Caracalla right, seen from front and draped bust of Julia Domna left, vis-à-vis .
Reverse: VΠA KVNTIΛIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩ-N, Tyche Soteiros (Fortuna Redux) standing left, holding rudder in outstretched right hand and cornucopiae in left; E in upper left field.
Ref: AMNG I 678 var. (VP); cf. Mouchmov ...
(2) Julia Domna 211-217 AD
AE unit Pautalia
Obverse: draped bust right; IOVΛIA_ΔOMNA CEB
Reverse: lit altar between two torches with entwined snakes; ΠΑVΤΑΛIΩTΩN
Ref: Ruzicka, Pautalia 498; Gorny & Mosc...
(3) Julia Domna 194-217 AD
AE unit Petra
Obverse: draped bust right; IOVΛIA_CEBACTA
Reverse: Tyche of Petra, holding baetyl and trophy, seated left on rock outcropping within distyle temple; pellet in pediment; AΔΡI_ΠETΡA_MHT
Ref: Spijkerman 40*
(4) Julia Domna 194-217 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IOYΛIA ΔO_MNA CEBA_CT
Reverse: Dionysos standing left, holding patera over altar and thyrsos; ΦIΛOMHΛEΩN ·KΛ·TΡAIA·
Ref: SNG von Aulock 3923
(5) Julia Domna 203 AD
Obverse: IVLIA AVGUSTA drap. bust right
Reverse: PIETAS PVBLICA, Pietas standing left, holding box over altar
Ref: Sear 6601, RIC 156
(6) Julia Domna 209 AD
Reverse: FORTUNAE FELICI, Fortuna enthroned, holding cornucopiae and resting on rudder set on globe
Ref: RIC 553
(7) Julia Domna 193-217 AD
AE unit Byzantion
Obverse: IOVΛIA AVΓOVCTA, Bust of Julia facing right, wearing diadem and drapery
Reverse: BVZANTIΩN, Athena standing facing, head left, holding shield and inverted spear
Ref: Varbanov 1743
(8) Julia Domna 203 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IVLIA__AVGVSTA
Reverse: Pietas standing left, raising both hands, altar to left; PIETAS__PVBLICA
Ref: SRCV II 6601, RIC IV Sept Sev 574, ...
(9) Julia Domna c. 205 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IVLIA__AVGVSTA
Reverse: Cybele seated left between two lions, wearing towered crown, resting left arm on drum, holding branch and scepter; MATER__DEVM
Ref: RIC IV S564; RSC III 123; BMCRE V p...
(10) Julia Domna 193-217
Obverse: IOVLIA DOMNA CE, draped bust right
Reverse: OOVONI TEPTVLLOV NIKOPOLITWN Julia on left standing right and Septimius Severus on right, standing left, facing each other clasping hands, PROC ICTRWN in exergue
Ref: Moushmov 1055, HHJ (2018)
(11) Julia Domna 215 AD
Obverse: diademed and bust right; ·IOYΛIA·_AYΓOYCTA
Reverse: eagle facing, head left, wreath in beak, bust of Shamash between legs; ·ΔHMAPX···EΞ OYCIAC / Γ
Ref: Prieur 1021
(12) Julia Domna AD 194
Obverse: IVLIA DOMNA AVG, draped bust right
Reverse: VENERI VICTR, Venus, seen from behind standing right, leaning on column, half nude with drapery hanging low beneath her posterior, holding palm branch and apple
Ref: RIC 536 (Severus); Sear 6608
(13) Julia Domna AD 216
Obverse: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, draped bust right
Reverse: VENVS GENETRIX, Venus seated left, extending right hand and holding sceptre in left
Ref: RIC (Caracalla) 388c; RSC 212; Sear...