Henry VI King of England from 3 October 1470 to 11 April 1471.
Henry VI was King of England from 1422 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471, and disputed King of France from 1422 to 1453. The only child of Henry V, he succeeded to the English throne at the age of nine months upon his father's death, and succeeded to the French throne on the death of his maternal grandfather Charles VI shortly afterwards.

His early reign, when several people were ruling for him, saw the pinnacle of English power in France, but subsequent military, diplomatic, and economic problems had seriously endangered the English cause by the time Henry was declared fit to rule in 1437. He found his realm in a difficult position, faced with setbacks in France and divisions among the nobility at home. Unlike his father, Henry is described as timid, shy, passive, well-intentioned, and averse to warfare and violence; he was also at times mentally unstable.

His ineffective reign saw the gradual loss of the English lands in France. Starting in 1453, Henry began suffering a series of mental breakdowns, and tensions mounted between Margaret and Richard of York over control of the incapacitated king's government, and over the question of succession to the throne. Civil war broke out in 1459, leading to a long period of dynastic conflict known as the Wars of the Roses. Henry was deposed on 29 March 1461 after a crushing defeat at the Battle of Towton by Richard's son, who took the throne as Edward IV. Having "lost his wits, his two kingdoms, and his only son", Henry died in the Tower during the night of 21 May, possibly killed on the orders of Edward.
Henry VI
An AR Penny struck 1422-1427 in Calais
Obverse: HENRICVS REX ANGLIE, Crowned bust of Henry facing, annulets in fields

Reverse: VILLA CALIS, Long cross, three pellets in each quadrant, an anulet also in the 1st and 4th quadrants

Diameter: 18 mm
Die Orientation: 12 H
Weight: 0.8 g

King of England and disputed King of France
AR Penny, Calais mint

S 1845
An AR Halfpenny struck 1431-32/3 A.D. in London
Obverse: + HENRIC REX ANGL - Crowned facing bust. Pinecones and Mascles in legend.

Reverse: CIVITAS LONDON - Long cross pattée dividing the legend, with three pellets in each angle.

Diameter: 13.9 mm
Die Orientation: 9 H
Weight: 0.43 g
First Reign, Pinecone-Mascle Issue.
Spink 1884.