Fulk IV Count of Anjou from 1068 to 1109.
Fulk IV, called le Réchin, was the Count of Anjou from 1068 until his death. The nickname has no certain translation. Philologists have made numerous very different suggestions, including "quarreler", "rude", "sullen", "surly" and "heroic". He was noted to be "a man with many reprehensible, even scandalous, habits" by Orderic Vitalis.

When Geoffrey Martel died without direct heirs he left Anjou to his nephew Geoffrey III of Anjou, Fulk le Réchin's older brother.[5] Fulk fought with his brother, whose rule was deemed incompetent, and captured him in 1067. Under pressure from the Church he released Geoffrey. The two brothers soon fell to fighting again, and the next year Geoffrey was again imprisoned by Fulk, this time for good.

In 1096 Fulk wrote an incomplete history of Anjou and its rulers titled Fragmentum historiae Andegavensis or "History of Anjou." The authorship and authenticity of this work is disputed. Only the first part of the history, describing Fulk's ancestry, is extant. He died in 1109.
Fulk IV
Epithet: le Réchin ()
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An AR Denier struck 11-12th Century in Angers
Obverse: +FVLCO COMES, Cross at center with Alpha and Omega in the 3rd and 4th quadrants

Reverse: +VRBS AIDCCSuncertain symbol, Fulk monogram at center

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: 11 H
Weight: 0.77 g

Count of Anjou, France
AR Denier, Angers mint

Dated to the reign of Fulk IV-Fulk V, some have argued as late as the succeeding Geoffrey V Plantagenet

Fulk V would go on to be a crusader under the Knights Templar and eventually King of Jerusalem from 1131-1143

These people are possibly my Great x28, x27, and x26 Grandfathers respectively.


Obverse: "Count Fulk"
Reverse:"City of Angers"

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