Cn. Plancius - Aedilis Curulis of Res Publica Romana from 55 BC to 55 BC
Cn. Plancius aedilus curilis in 55 BC, alongside A. Plautius.

The office of the aedilis was generally held by young men intending to follow the cursus honorum to high political office, traditionally after their quaestorship but before their praetorship. It was not a compulsory part of the cursus, but it was an advantageous position to hold because it demonstrated the aspiring politician's commitment to public service, as well as giving him the opportunity to hold public festivals and games, an excellent way to increase his name recognition and popularity.

Cn. Plancius is not known beyond his aedilship and this issue.
Cn. Plancius
Curule Aedil Cn. Plancius of the Roman Republic

(1) Cn. Plancius 55 BC
Obverse: Head of Diana Planciana(?) right, wearing petasus, CN•PLANCIVS downwards in right field, AED•CVR•S•C downwards in left field.
Reverse: Cretan goat standing right; quiver and bow in left field.
Ref: Crawford 432/1
(2) Cn. Plancius 54 (55)BC
Obverse: head of Macedonia right wearing causia; CN·PLANCIVS / AED·CVR·S·C
Reverse: agrimi standing right, bow and quiver left
Ref: Crawford 432/1, SRCV I 396, Sydenha...