C. Vibius Varus Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 42 BC to 42 BC.
C. Vibius Varus was one of the moneyers for the year 42 BC. He is not otherwise known.

Gens Vibia was a minor plebeian family which first appears after the Second Punic War. The first member to attain the consulship was C. Vibius Pansa Caetronianus in 43 BC.

The cognomen 'Varus' means 'bow-legged'. I could have been a family name, or perhaps a personal name.
C. Vibius Varus
An AR Denarius struck 42 BC in Rome
Obverse: Laureate and bearded head of Hercules right.

Reverse: Minerva, helmeted and draped, standing right, holding spear in right hand and Victory in extended left; shield at side, C • VIBIVS downward to right, VARVS downward to left.

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.67 g
We know almost nothing about the moneyer apart from his coins. David Sear notes that this is one of the two rare 'types honoring Minerva and Hercules and allude to the forthcoming struggle with the Republican forces led by Brutus and Cassius. The goddess of war, the consort of Jupiter, and the legendary hero are invoked as powerful allies of the Triumvirs in their quest to avenge the murder of Caesar'.

Provenance: Heritage Auctions - Long Beach Expo World & Ancient Coins Signature Auction Session 5 (September 5-9 2019), lot 155. Coin Galleries: The Numismatic Review and Fixed Price List (May - June, 1960), lot A371.
Crawford 494/37
An AR Denarius struck 42 BC in Rome
Obverse: bust of Minerva right wearing crested Corinthian helmet and Aegis

Reverse: naked Hercules standing left, resting right hand on club set on ground, lion skin in the left hand; C•VIBIVS / VARVS

Diameter: 17 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 4 g
No notes for this coin
Crawford 494/38; RSC Vibia 26