C. Egnatius Maximus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 75 BC to 75 BC
C. Egnatius Maximus was one of the moneyers for the year 75 BC. He is possibly the younger brother of the Cn. Egnatius mentioned by Cicero.

Gens Egnatia was a plebeian family of equestrian rank at Rome. Only a few of the Egnatii held any magistracies, of whom the most important may have been Gnaeus Egnatius, who held the praetorship during the second century BC, and served as governor of Macedonia, shortly after its institution as a Roman province.

The Egnatii do not seem to have been divided into distinct families during the time of the Republic. Most of the Egnatii bore no cognomen, but individuals are known with the surnames Celer, Maximus, Rufus, and Veratius. Celer means "swift," while Maximus is "great" or "greatest." Rufus, meaning "red," was typically given to someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion.
C. Egnatius Maximus
Moneyer C. Egnatius Maximus of the Roman Republic

Obverse: Winged bust of Cupid right; bow and quiver of arrows over shoulder; MAXSVMVS downwards in left field.
Reverse: Distyle temple with two facing statues within; Jupiter, to the left, holding staff, and Libertas, on the right, holding pileus. Above pediment, thunderbolt and pileus. VIII (control mark) in left field; CN•N in right field; C•EGNATIVS•CN•F in exergue.
Ref: Crawford 391/2
Obverse: Winged bust of Cupid right, with bow and quiver over shoulder; behind, MAXSVMVS downwards
Reverse: Distyle temple with figures of draped Jupiter and Libertas standing facing within; C EGNATIVS CN F below, CN N upwards to right, control numeral (VIII) to left
Ref: RSC Egnatia 3; Crawford 391/2; Sear...