Coins from Sabina
Sabina is a region in central Italy. The territory of the ancient Sabines, which was once bordered by Latium to the south, Picenum to the east, ancient Umbria to the north and Etruria to the west. It was separated from Umbria by the River Nar, today's Nera, and from Etruria by the River Tiber. The capital of Sabina was Cures.

In the Augustan division of Italy, Sabina was included in the region IV Samnium. With Diocletian's late 3rd-century administrative reforms, Italy became a Roman diocese and was subdivided into Roman provinces. Sabina became part of the province of Samnium. Constantine the Great turned Italy into a praetorian prefecture and subdivided it into two dioceses. Sabina fell under the diocese of Italia suburbicaria as the province of Valeria.


Obverse: Laureate head of Italia left, ITALIA upwards behind.
Reverse: Oath-taking scene: Youth kneeling by standard, holding pig at which eight soldiers (four on each side) point their swords, C in exergue.
Ref: Campana 63i, D36/R54 (this coin).