Coins from Petraea
Arabia Petraea was a frontier province of the Roman Empire beginning in the 2nd century. Its capital was Petra.

It consisted of the former Nabataean Kingdom in Jordan, southern Levant, the Sinai Peninsula and northwestern Arabian Peninsula.

Most of Arabia was sparsely populated, and its cities can be found concentrated to the north, toward the Jordan. Petra served as the base for Legio III Cyrenaica.
An AE unit struck 138-161 AD in Bostra
Obverse: laureate head right; ANTωN ϹEΒ

Reverse: camel right; BOCT

Diameter: 17.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 5.2 g
No notes for this coin
RPC IV Online 6696 (temporary); Kindler, Bostra 5; Spijkerman 9; CNG e255, 268.
An AE unit struck 194-217 AD in Petra
Obverse: draped bust right; IOVΛIA_CEBACTA

Reverse: Tyche of Petra, holding baetyl and trophy, seated left on rock outcropping within distyle temple; pellet in pediment; AΔΡI_ΠETΡA_MHT

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 12.47 g
*Legend for Spijkerman 40 should be IOVΛ·ΔO but plate coin is most probably die match with this coin which has IOVΛIA_CEBACTA legend.
Spijkerman 40*
An AE unit struck 247-249 AD in Bostra
Obverse: radiate bust right from behind; MARC IVL PHILIPPOS CESAR


Diameter: 28 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 14.7 g
No notes for this coin
Sofaer 54; Kindler 46a; Spijkerman 60; Rosenberger 52
(4) Trajan
An AR Drachm struck 112 AD in Bostra
Obverse: laureate bust right, draped shoulder; AYTOKP KAIC NEP TPAIAN CEB ΓEPM ΔAK

Reverse: Arabia facing, holding branch and cinnamon sticks, camel halfleft; ∆HMAPX__EΞ IϚ YΠAT Ϛ

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.4 g
No notes for this coin
RIC II 142, Woytek 285b, RSC II 89, BMCRE III 297, SRCV II -
(5) Trajan
An AR Drachm struck AD 114-116 in Bostra
Obverse: AYTOKP KAIC [NЄP TP]AINѠ APICTѠ CЄB ΓЄPM ΔAK, laureate and cuirassed bust left, with paludamentum, seen from behind

Reverse: ΔHMAPX ЄΞ YΠATO ς, camel walking left

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: 6 H
Weight: 2.78 g
No notes for this coin
RPC III 4080; SNG ANS 1158; Sydenham 205