Siris — A settlement in Macedonia also known as Serres - Sirra
Siris was a ancient settlement founded long before the Trojan War, probably at the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. The ancient city was built on a high and steep hill known as "Koulas".

It held a very strategic position, since it controlled a land road, which following the valley of the river Strymon led from the shores of Strymonian Gulf to the Danubian countries.

The most ancient known inhabitants of the area were the Bryges (Phrygians) and Strymonians; afterwards (since 1100 BC) were Siriopaiones [4] and finally (from the early 5th century BC until the end of antiquity) the Thracian tribe of Odomantes.

It was an important city of the Roman province of Macedonia, with the status of a civitas stipendiaria. It flourished especially during the imperial period thanks to the Pax Romana.

Modern location: Serres, Greece
(1) Siris
An AR Trihemiobol struck c. 500-480 BC in Siris
Obverse: Satyr crouching right, without tail; •

Reverse: rough incuse square

Diameter: 8 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 1.1 g
Thraco-Macedonian region
HPM p. 81, 12, pl. VII, 13 var. (no pellet); SNG ANS 969 (“Lete”)