Rhesaena - A settlement in Mesopotamia and Osroene
Rhesaena was an important city in the Roman province of Mesopotamia, near the sources of the river Chaboras.

Its coins show that it was a Roman colony from the time of Septimius Severus. The Notitia dignitatum represents it as under the jurisdiction of the governor or Dux of Osrhoene.

Hierocles also locates it in this province but under the name of Theodosiopolis; it had in fact obtained the favour of Theodosius the Great and taken his name. It was fortified by Justinian. In 1393 it was nearly destroyed by Tamerlane's troops.

Modern location: Ra's al-'Ayn, Syria

(1) Caracalla 215-217 AD
Obverse: radiate, draped and cuirassed head right from behind; AVT KAI__ANTΩNEINOC CEB
Reverse: eagle facing, head right, wreath in beak, shrine below; ΔHMAPX EΞ VΠATOC TO Δ
Ref: Prieur 877 (3 examples)