Kourion — A settlement in Cyprus also known as Curium
Kourion - or Curium - was an important ancient city-state on the southwestern coast of Cyprus. The acropolis of Kourion, located 1.3 km southwest of Episkopi and 13 km west of Limassol, is located atop a limestone promontory nearly one hundred metres in height along the coast of Episkopi Bay.

In the Classical Period (475–333 BC) the earliest occupation of the acropolis was established, though the primary site of settlement is unknown. King Pasikrates of Kourion is recorded as having aided Alexander the Great in the siege of Tyre in 332 BCE. Pasikrates ruled as a vassal of Alexander but was deposed in the struggles for succession amongst the diadochi. In 294 BCE the Ptolemies consolidated control of Cyprus, and Kourion came under Ptolemaic governance.

In 58 BCE the Roman Council of the Plebs passed the Lex Clodia de Cyprus, annexing Cyprus to the province of Cilicia.

Modern location: Ruins 1.3 km southwest of Episkopi
An AE unit struck ca. 325 BC in Kourion
Obverse: Head of Alexander as Herakles facing right, wearing lionskin headdress

Reverse: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟY, Bowcase at top, club underneath inscription, laurel branch below

Diameter: 16 mm
Die Orientation: 9 H
Weight: 4.06 g
No notes for this coin
Price 3113