Cabellio - A settlement in Narbonensis also known as Cavaillon
Cavaillon is a commune in the region of Southeastern France. It is situated in the Durance Valley and Luberon.

For military reasons, Celtic Cavarians founded an oppidum on the 180-meter-high St. Jacques hill that was long under the rule of Massilia. When the Romans took over the settlement, they moved it from the hill to the plain and called it the wealthy colony Cabellio. A silent witness to this era is the Roman quadrifrons from Augustan times, reconstructed from fragments.

Modern location: Cavaillon, France

(1) M. Aemilius Lepidus 44-42 BC
Obverse: Head of Apollo right; CABE upwards in right field.
Reverse: LE-PI flanking cornucopia; all within laurel wreath
Ref: RPC I 528