Balanaea — A settlement in Syria also known as Balanea
Balanaea or Balanea was city in Syria, located 55 km south of Laodicea.

In Phoenician and Hellenistic times, it was an important seaport. Some have identified it with the Hellenistic city of Leucas (from colonists from the island Lefkada), in Greece, mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium. It was a colony of Aradus, and was placed by Stephanus in the late Roman province of Phoenicia, though it belonged rather to the province of Syria.

Modern location: Baniyas, Syria
(1) Marcus Antonius
An AE 24 struck 37-31 BC in Balanea
Obverse: Bare head right.

Reverse: BAΛANEΩTΩN AP CY - Indian Dionysos in quadriga left.

Diameter: 24 mm
Die Orientation: 3 H
Weight: 8.77 g
Provenance: CNG electronic auction 461 (2 February 2020), lot 297.
RPC I 4456