Aesernia — A settlement in Samnium also known as Isernia
Aesernia was a city in Samnium - modern Isernia. The first mention of it in history occurs in 295 BC, at which time it had already fallen into the hands of the Romans, together with the whole valley of the Vulturnus.

After the complete subjugation of the Samnites, a colony, with Latin rights (colonia Latina) was settled there by the Romans in 264 BC the city, a key communication center between southern Italy and the inner Appennine Regions. This colony is again mentioned in 209 BC as one of the eighteen which remained faithful to Rome at the most trying period of the Second Punic War.

During the Social Wars, the city joined the Italic League. For this it was severely punished by Sulla, so much in fact that it was almost completely deserted afterwards. It was later recolonized by Caesar, Augustus and Nero before settling into a fate of little importance.

Modern location: Isernia, Italy
(1) Aesernia
An AE unit struck c. 263-240 BC in Aesernia
Obverse: head of Vulcan left wearing laureate pileus, tongs behind; VOLCANOM

Reverse: Jupiter in biga right holding thunderbolt and reins; AISERNINO

Diameter: 20 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 6.9 g
No notes for this coin
HNItaly 430 SNG Copenhagen 256-257 SNG ANS 118