The Stater denomination
The Stater was an ancient Greek or Lydian denomination, which circulated from the 8th century BC to AD 50. It was also struck in gold by Celtic tribes.

The silver staters minted at Corinth weighed 8.6 grammes, and was divided into three silver drachmae of 2.9 g. It was roughly equivalent to the Athenian didrachm, which weighed 8.6 g.

Apart from the Corinthian stater, one of the most iconic staters is the Turtle/Incuse stater from Aegina - an important early trading currency.
An AR Stater struck 58 BC - AD 43 in Britannia
Obverse: Wreath, cloak and crescents

Reverse: Disjointed horse left, with rectangular head, body of crescents, four vertical legs, three roughly horizontal lines for tail; pellet below; twelve pellets above

Diameter: 20 mm
Die Orientation: 0 H
Weight: 2.99 g
No notes for this coin
ABC 2157; VA 1235-1; BMC 2525-46; SCBC 366