The Prutah denomination
The prutah was an ancient copper Jewish coin with low value. A loaf of bread in ancient times was worth about 10 prutot (plural of prutah). One prutah was also worth two lepta (singular lepton), which was the smallest denomination minted by the Hasmonean and Herodian Dynasty kings.

Prutot were also minted by the Roman Procurators of the Province of Judea, and later were minted by the Jews during the First Jewish Revolt (sometimes called 'Masada coins').

(1) Tiberius | Pontius Pilate 30-31 AD
Reverse: Wreath; LIH
Ref: Hendin 1342, Meshorer TJC 333, RPC ...
(2) Tiberius | Valerius Gratus 17 AD
Obverse: legend in wreath tied at base with an X; TIB / KAI/CAP (Tiberius Caesar)
Reverse: palm branch flanked by: IOY−ΛIA / L - ∆
Ref: RPC I, 4964; Hendin 1338, Meshorer ...