The Jital denomination
The Jital was a copper or billon coin first struck in the Delhi Sultanate by Iltutmish. It contained 3.6 grains of silver, and replaced the dihliwal which had higher silver content - and so the introduction effectively constituted a devaluation of the monetary system.

The Jital originally derived from the Bull and horseman coins of the Shahi of Kabul. These were silver, with a weight standard of around 3.2 grams.

(1) Genghis Khan 1206 - 1227 AD
Obverse: Defender of the Faith, Commander of the Faithful
Reverse: The Just, Supreme Khan
Ref: Tye 329
(2) Shri Samanta Deva 950-1000 AD
Obverse: Knight on horse
Reverse: Bull
Ref: None provided
(3) Sri Spalapati Deva 750-900 AD
Obverse: Nandi bull reclining left, Nagari Sri Spalapati Deva (Honorable Chief Commander) above
Reverse: Horseman prancing right with lance, remnants of cursive Bactrian legend before
Ref: None provided