The 1/3 Stater denomination
The Stater was an ancient Greek or Lydian denomination, which circulated from the 8th century BC to AD 50.

The silver staters minted at Corinth weighed 8.6 grammes, and was divided into three silver drachmae of 2.9 g. It was roughly equivalent to the Athenian didrachm, which weighed 8.6 g.

The 1/3 Stater was correspondingly a denomination worth a third of a stater. It was struck in both gold and silver.
1/3 Stater
An AR 1/3 Stater struck 380-360 BC in Limyra?
Obverse: lionskin facing

Reverse: triskeles, laureate bust of Apollo facing ΠEP_IKΛE (in lycian script)

Diameter: 14 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 2.9 g
Lycian Dynasts; Limyra was the capital of Perikles' possessions
SNG Copenhagen -; SNG v. Aulock -. Extremely Rare, SNG Keckman II 495; Traité II 494