T. Cloulius (or Cloelius) II - Quaestor of Res Publica Romana from 98 BC to 98 BC
T. Cloulius, supporter of Gaius Marius, struck coins as questor in 99 BC. He later served as Legatus in 83 BC. His presumed namesake struck coins in 128 BC.

This quinarius issue commemorates Marius' victory over Teutones in the battle of Aquae Sextiae 102 BC and over Cimbri one year later.
T. Cloulius (or Cloelius) II
Quaestor T. Cloulius (or Cloelius) II of the Roman Republic

Obverse: laureate head of Jupiter right, dot over N
Reverse: Victory standing right, holding wreath and palm. Trophy with Gallic captive seated left, T·CLO(VL)I, Q
Ref: Crawford 332/1b, SRCV I 212, Sydenh...