L. Titurius Sabinus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 89 BC to 89 BC
L. Titurius Sabinus was one of the moneyers for the year 89 BC.

Under his tenure, a series of coins alluding the the legendary abduction of the Sabine women were struck - soldiers carrying Sabine women, the killing of Tarpeia, obverses featuring King Titus Tatius of the Sabines, etc.
L. Titurius Sabinus
Moneyer L. Titurius Sabinus of the Roman Republic

Obverse: head of king Titus Tatius right, palm branch right A·PV / SABIN
Reverse: two Roman soldiers running left, each bearing a Sabine woman in his arms L·TITVRI
Ref: Crawford 344/1c; Sydenham 698b; Tit...
Obverse: head of king Tatius right SABIN
Reverse: Victory in biga right holding wreath and reins L·TITVRI, controlmark in exergue (trophy?)
Ref: Crawford 344/3, Sydenham 700, RSC I...