L. Marcius Censorinus - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 82 BC to 82 BC
Lucius Marcius Censorinus was a moneyer ca. 82 BC, and an officer, perhaps prefect of the fleet, in 70.

A denarius was minted by Lucius Marcius Censorinus picturing Apollo and Marsyas the satyr. This coin has attracted several interpretations because of the ambiguity of its symbolism.

The symbolism may refer to the moneyer’s family line, the gens Marcia, who claimed legendary descent from Marsyas. It may also be connected to the Social Wars - Marsyas was regarded as a symbol of political freedom, particularly free speech. The image of Apollo on the coin may refer to the plague of 87 BC.
L. Marcius Censorinus
Moneyer L. Marcius Censorinus of the Roman Republic

Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right.
Reverse: Marsyas standing left, raising hand and holding wineskin over shoulder; L•CENSOR downwards in left field; column surmounted by statue of Minerva(?) in right field.
Ref: Crawford 363/1d
(2) L. Marcius Censorinus 83 (82)BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: Marsyas standing left, rising hand, holding with wine skin over shoulder; column topped with Victory behind L·CENSOR
Ref: Crawford 363/1, SRCV I 281, Sydenha...
Obverse: veiled and draped bust of Venus right; L·CENSORIN
Reverse: Venus in biga right holding reins and goad; CXVIII / C·LIME(TA) / P·CREPVSI
Ref: Crawford 360/1b, SRCV I 284, Sydenh...