L. Fabius Hispaniensis - Quaestor of Res Publica Romana from 82 BC to 81 BC
L. Fabius L.f. Hispaniensis is presumed to have been quaester in Spain in 82 BC, and struck coins in this respect. He struck coins alongside C. Annius Luscus, who is presumed to be his proconsul.

Gens Fabia was one of the most ancient patrician families at Rome. The gens played a prominent part in history soon after the establishment of the Republic, and three brothers were invested with seven successive consulships, from 485 to 479 BC, thereby cementing the high repute of the family.
L. Fabius Hispaniensis
Quaestor L. Fabius Hispaniensis of the Roman Republic

AR Denarius Military Mint | Narbonensis
Obverse: diademed draped bust of Anna Parenna right; caduceus left, scales right, dagger below C·ANNI·T·F·T·N · PRO·COS·EX·S·C·
Reverse: Victory in quadriga right, holding palm branch and reins, Q / L·FABI·L·F·HISP
Ref: Crawford 366/1a, SRCV I 289, Sydenh...