Gelon I Tyrant of Syracuse from 491 BC to 478 BC.
Gelon was a 5th-century BC ruler of Gela and Syracuse and first of the Deinomenid rulers.

Originally a priest, Gelon fought in a number of the conflicts on Sicily and earned a reputation as a formidable soldier - and became commander of the cavalry for Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela.

In 491 BC Gelon seized power in Gela with the help of the army - and in 485 BC he conquered Syracuse, which prospered under his rule.

In 480 BC, he won a massive victory at the Battle of Himera against a formidable Carthagenian army. He died in 478 BC after ruling Syracuse for 7 years.
Gelon I
An AR Litra struck 485-450 BC in Syracuse
Obverse: Head of Artemis-Arethustra right, hair turned up behind under diadem of beads, ΣV[RA] before

Reverse: Octopus/Cuttle-fish

Diameter: 6 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 0.41 g

Style indicates pre-second democracy, i.e. Gelon or Hieron I.


cf. Sear 929