C. Marius C.f. Capito - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 81 BC to 81 BC
C. Marius C.f. Capito was one of the moneyrs for the year 81 BC. He is not otherwise known.

The gens Maria was a plebeian family of Rome. Its most celebrated member was Gaius Marius, one of the greatest generals of antiquity, and seven times consul.

The cognomen Capito is believed to mean 'big-headed', so presumably this body trait was obvious in an ancestor at some point.
C. Marius C.f. Capito
Moneyer C. Marius C.f. Capito of the Roman Republic

(1) C. Marius C.f. Capito 82 (81)BC
Obverse: draped bust of Ceres with corn wreath right, running horse to the right, CAPIT.CXXXV
Reverse: ploughman conducting yoke of two oxen, CXXXV / C·MARI·C·F / S·C
Ref: Crawford 378/1c, SRCV I 300, Sydenh...