C. Malleolus C.f. Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 96 BC to 96 BC.
C. Publicius Malleolus was one of the moneyers for the year 96 BC. He was Quaestor in 80 BC, and is presumably the son of the C. Malleolus who was colonial moneyer in Narbo in 118 BC.

The cognomen 'Malleolus' means hammer, and was associated with Gens Publicia.
C. Malleolus C.f.
An AR Denarius struck 96 BC in Rome
Obverse: Helmeted head of Mars right; mallet above, star below chin

Reverse: Heroic figure standing left, foot on cuirass, holding spear and leaning on tabella divided into two compartments, CMA below, trophy in left field.

Diameter: 18 mm
Die Orientation: 7 H
Weight: 3.6 g
No notes for this coin
Crawford 335/3g, Sydenham 615c, Poblicia 7.
An AR Denarius struck 92 (96)BC in Rome
Obverse: helmeted head of Mars right, hammer above; (XVI)

Reverse: warrior standing half left, foot on cuirass, holding spear; trophy left, grasshopper on prow right; C·M(AL)

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.8 g
No notes for this coin
Crawford 335/3d; Sydenham 615a; Poblicia 6