Bohemond IV Prince of Antioch from 1201 to 1233.
Bohemond IV was Count of Tripoli from 1187 to 1233, and Prince of Antioch from 1201 to 1216 and from 1219 to 1233. He was the younger son of Bohemond III of Antioch. The dying Raymond III of Tripoli offered his county to Bohemond's elder brother, Raymond, but their father sent Bohemond to Tripoli in late 1187.

After his father died in April 1201, Bohemond seized Antioch with the support of the burghers, the Knights Templar and Hospitallers, and the Italian merchants. Bohemond made an alliance with Az-Zahir Ghazi, the Ayyubid emir of Aleppo, and Kaykaus I, the Seljuq sultan of Rum, who often invaded Cilicia during the following years, to prevent Leo I from attacking Antioch.

Bohemond supported the Templars over the Hospitaliers, and after he confiscated their property in Antioch, Cardinal Pelagius excommunicated him. Later they reconciled, but Bohemond died in March 1233, a few weeks before the pope's confirmation of his treaty with the Hospitallers came to Tripoli.
Bohemond IV
An AR Denier struck c. 1149-1233 AD in Antioch
Obverse: BOAMANDVS / Helmeted bust left, crescent in front star behind

Reverse: ANTIOCHIA around cross downward crescent in 2nd quarter

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: -
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