Abdagases I - BASILEUONTOC BASILEWN of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom from ~55 AD to ~65 AD
Abdagases I was an Indo-Parthian king, a nephew of Gondophares evident from some of his coins, who ruled during the first decades of the 1st century AD. Though he never assumed the title of Gondophares, he was an important successor of his uncle, ruling his Indian conquests.

The bilingual coins of Abdagases I feature the kharoshti script where it can be read as "Gudaphara brathaputrasa maharajasa Abadagashasa." Brathaputra means nephew in Prakrit, the language in the coin.
Abdagases I
King of Kings Abdagases I of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom

(1) Abdagases I 50-65 AD
Obverse: King on horseback right, letter before; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥ??AV?ΝΔΙΦEΡΟΑΔΕΛΦΙΔΕШC
Reverse: Zeus with scepter right Gadapharabhradaputrasa maharajasa tradatasa Avadagasasa
Ref: Senior 227.18