A. Postumius S.f. Albinus Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 96 BC to 96 BC.
A. Postumius Albinus was one of the moneyers for the year 96 BC.

He was probably the son of Sp. Postumius Albinus, Consul in 110 BC, and was possibly killed in the Battle of the Colline Gate in 82 BC.

His coins are marked A·ALBINVS·S·F and he issued coins jointly with L. Caecilius Metellus and C. Publicius Malleolus.
A. Postumius S.f. Albinus
An AR Denarius struck 92 (96)BC in Rome
Obverse: diademed and draped head of Diana right, wearing earring and necklace, bow and quiver over shoulder; ROMA

Reverse: 3 horsmen galloping left (A. Postumius Albus Regillensis); fallen enemy and two standards in front of them; A·(AL)BINVS·S·F

Diameter: 17 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.9 g
No notes for this coin
Crawford 335/9, SRCV I 218, Sydenham 613a, RSC I Postumia 4a