Coins from Paphlagonia
Paphlagonia was a rugged mountainous area on the Black Sea coast of north central Anatolia, between Bithynia to the west and Pontus to the east.

After the death of Alexander the Great, it was assigned, together with Cappadocia and Mysia, to Eumenes.

However, it continued to be governed by native princes until it was absorbed by Pontus. It was not until 183 B.C. that Pharnaces took Sinope under their control. From that time, the whole province was incorporated into the kingdom of Pontus until the fall of Mithridates to Rome in 65 B.C.


(1) Sinope 490-425 BC
Obverse: stylized head of eagle left
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square with two opposing quarters filled, the others stippled
Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 1359-63; HGC 7, 38...
(2) Sinope c. 330-300 BC
Obverse: Nymph
Reverse: Eagle with dolphin
Ref: None provided