Phlius — A settlement in Peloponnese also known as Araethyrea
Phlius was a Greek city on the Peloponnese, said to be named after the Greek hero Phlias but formerly called Araethyrea after the mythological Araethyrea.

Although geographically close to Argos, the city became a Spartan ally and a member of the Peloponnesian League.

Like many other cities of ancient Greece, Phlius fell into civil strife between a democratic and an oligarchic faction during the 4th century BCE; the democratic faction initially gained control and exiled its opponents, but in 380 BCE a Spartan army under Agesilaus laid siege to the city for some twenty months, eventually forcing the Phliasians to capitulate and accept oligarchic government.

It was the hometown of the playwright Pratinas and of Plato's female student Axiothea of Phlius.

Modern location: Near Nemea, Greece
(1) Phlius
An AE unit struck c. 400-300 BC in Phlius
Obverse: bull butting left

Reverse: monogram :Φ:

Diameter: 10 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 1.1 g
No notes for this coin
SGCV I 2758; BMC 34, 13.