Nicopolis ad Istrum - A settlement in Moesia
Nicopolis ad Istrum was a Roman and Early Byzantine town founded by Emperor Trajan around 101–106, at the junction of the Iatrus (Yantra) and the Rositsa rivers, in memory of his victory over the Dacians. Its ruins are located at the village of Nikyup.

The classical town was planned according to the orthogonal system. The network of streets, the forum surrounded by an Ionic colonnade and many buildings, a two-nave room later turned into a basilica and other public buildings have been uncovered. The rich architectures and sculptures show a similarity with those of the ancient towns in Asia Minor. Nicopolis ad Istrum had issued coins, bearing images of its own public buildings.

In 447, the town was destroyed by Attila's Huns. In the 6th century, it was rebuilt as a powerful fortress enclosing little more than military buildings and churches, following a very common trend for the cities of that century in the Danube area.

Modern location: Nikyup, Bulgaria

(1) Commodus 177-192 AD
Obverse: AVT K M AV AVPH KOMOΔOC, Head of Commodus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: NEIKOΠOΛEITΩN PROC ICTRON - Tyche standing facing, head left, holding rod and cornucopia
Ref: Varbanov 2180
(2) Diadumenian 217-218 AD
Obverse: bare head right; K M OΠΠEΛ ANTΩNI ΔIAΔOVMENIANOC
Reverse: Homonoia facing, head left, holding patera and cornucopia; VΠ AΓPIΠΠA NIK_OΠOΛITΩN ΠΡOCIC / TΡΩ
Ref: AMNG I 1817f. (Var.); Varbanov 3641
(3) Diadumenian 217-218 AD
Obverse: Κ Μ ΟΠΠΕΛ ΑΝΤΩΝΙ ∆ΙΑ∆ΟΥΜΕΝΙΑΝΟC, Bare bust of Diadumenian facing right
Reverse: VΠ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟC ICT, City-gate flanked by two towers and with a taller third tower rising from center (or from behind)
Ref: Varbanov 3639
(4) Diadumenian 218
Obverse: K M OΠΠEΛ ANTΩNINOC, bare-headed, draped bust right, seen from the back
Reverse: NIKOΠOΛITΩN, serpent-entwined staff of Asklepios
Ref: AMNG 1885; Varbanov 3598 var (bust...
(5) Diadumenian 217-218 AD
Obverse: draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; K M OΠΠEΛ__ANTΩNINOC
Reverse: Asklepian snake-encircled staff; NIKOΠO_ΛITΩN
Ref: Varbanov 3598 var. (bust type)
(6) Diadumenian 218 AD
Obverse: M OΠEΛ ΔIAΔOVMENIANOC KAI / bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: VΠ CTA ΛONΓINOV NI[KOΠOΛITΩN] ΠPOC IC / Nemesis-Dikaiosyne standing facing, head left, holding scales and sceptre; wheel at feet
Ref: Varbanov 3725 var. (obv. leg.).
(7) Geta 198-209 AD
Obverse: head right; Λ'AVP.K·_ΓETAC
Reverse: Hermes standing half left, wearing chalmys, holding purse and kerykeion; NIKOΠOΛIT_ΠPOC ICT
Ref: Jochen's addenda #360
(8) Julia Domna 193-217
Obverse: IOVLIA DOMNA CE, draped bust right
Reverse: OOVONI TEPTVLLOV NIKOPOLITWN Julia on left standing right and Septimius Severus on right, standing left, facing each other clasping hands, PROC ICTRWN in exergue
Ref: Moushmov 1055, HHJ (2018)
(9) Macrinus 217-218 AD
Obverse: ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΟΠΕΛΛ CΕV ΜΑΚΡΙΝΟC, Bust of Macrinus facing right, wearing laurel wreath and cuirass, showing back
Reverse: VΠ CΤΑ ΛΟΝΓΙΝΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟC ΙCΤΡΟΝ, Artemis standing facing right, holding bow and reaching for an arrow from quiver on her back
Ref: Varbanov 3511 corr.; Moushmov 1221
(10) Septimius Severus 193-211 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; AV KAI CE_CEVHPOC
Reverse: Harpokrates standing left, wearing chalmys, lotus-bud on top of head, right hand to his mouth, holding cornucopia; NIKOΠOΛI_TΩN ΠPOCIC
Ref: AMNG 1 -; Varbanov 2522 var.; Hrist...
(11) Septimius Severus 193-211 AD
Obverse: AV KAI CE CEVHPOC, Head of Severus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙ ΠΡΟC ΙCΤΡ, Tyche standing facing, head left, holding rudder and cornucopia
Ref: Varbanov 2369
(12) Septimius Severus 193-211 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; AV KAI CE·_CEVHPOC
Reverse: Nike left leaning on short column, holding wreath and palm frond; NIKOΠOΛIT_ΩN__ΠPOC IC
Ref: AMNG I/1, 1370/1371 (obv. of 1370/r...
(13) Septimius Severus 193-211 AD
Obverse: laureate bust right; AVT Λ CEΠT·_CEVHΡOC ΠEP
Reverse: Herakles Farnese standing half right, lion skin over left hand, leaning on club; VΠ AV ΓAΛΛOV__NIKOΠOΛITΩN ΠPOCI
Ref: Varbanov 2698 var. (obverse legend)...