Motya — A settlement in Sicily also known as Mothia - Mozia
Motya was an ancient and powerful city on an island off the west coast of Sicily. The foundation of the city probably dates from the eighth century BC, about a century after the foundation of Carthage in Tunisia. It was originally a colony of the Phoenicians, who were fond of choosing similar sites, and probably in the first instance merely a commercial station or emporium, but gradually rose to be a flourishing and important town.

The Phoenicians transformed the inhospitable island into one of the most affluent cities of its time, naturally defended by the lagoon as well as high defensive walls. Ancient windmills and salt pans were used for evaporation, salt grinding and refinement, and to maintain the condition of the lagoon and island itself.

In 395 BC it was conquered by Dionysius of Syracuse. It is a singular fact that, though we have no account of Motya having received any Greek population, or fallen into the hands of the Greeks before its conquest by Dionysius, there exist coins of the city with the Greek legend "ΜΟΤΥΑΙΟΝ".

Modern location:
(1) Motya
An AR Litra struck c. 400-397 BC in Motya
Obverse: head of Nymph facing, slightly right, wearing necklace

Reverse: crab, fish above; 'alep waw tet mem

Diameter: 11.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 0.7 g
No notes for this coin
Jenkins, Punic, pl. 23, 6; Campana 24a; HGC 2, 937