Metapontion - A settlement in Lucania also known as Metapontium - Metapontum
Metapontion - also known as Metapontium or Metapontum - was an important city of Magna Graecia, situated on the gulf of Tarentum, between the river Bradanus and the Casuentus (modern Basento). It was distant about 20 km from Heraclea and 40 from Tarentum.

Though Metapontum was an ancient Greek Achaean colony,various traditions assigned to it a much earlier origin.

It played an important part in several conflicts, including the Peloponessian War, the Pyrrhic War, and the Punic Wars - before falling under Roman sovereignty in 207 BC.

Modern location:

(1) Metapontion 540-510BC
Obverse: MET or META, Ear of Barley
Reverse: Incuse of obverse
Ref: cf. SNG ANS 209-259
(2) Metapontion 400-340 BCE
Obverse: Head of Demeter right, hair bound with wreath of barley ears
Reverse: META (Barley ear)
Ref: None provided
(3) Metapontion c. 330-290 BC
Obverse: head of Demeter right wearing grain ears, triple pendant earring and necklace
Reverse: ear of barley with leaf to right; plough right; META / MAX
Ref: Johnston Class C1:4; HN Italy 1581
(4) Metapontum 510-470 BC
Obverse: Barley ear
Reverse: Same type incuse
Ref: None provided