Ledra - A settlement in Cyprus also known as Lefkotheon - Lefkosia - Nicosia
Ledra was an ancient city-kingdom located in the centre of Cyprus where the capital city of Nicosia is today. It was established in 1050 BC but by Hellenistic times (330 BC) it had dwindled to a small village. At times, it had been subject to Assyrian rule.

According to tradition, the city was rebuilt by "Leucus" around 300 BC or 200 BC, and named after him as "Leucoton" or "Lefkotheon". In Byzantine times, the town was also referred to as Λευκωσία (Lefkosia) or as Καλληνίκησις (Kallenikesis).

After the destruction of Salamis, the existing capital of Cyprus, by Arab raids in 647, Nicosia became the capital of the island around 965, when Cyprus rejoined the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines moved the island's administration seat to Nicosia primarily for security reasons as coastal towns were often suffering from raids. From that point on it has remained as the capital of Cyprus.

Modern location: Nicosia, Cyprus

(1) Hugh IV of Cyprus 1324-1359
Obverse: Hugh seated facing, holding scepter and globus; B to left.
Reverse: Jerusalem cross.
Ref: Metcalf, Crusades 756; CCS 69.